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Personal Information

Chosen Name, if different than Legal Name, can be entered here. The college will use this name when referring to you.
Previous Name, if different than Legal Name, can be entered here.
Clackamas Community College does not require a Social Security Number (SSN) for admission, and does not use the SSN for identification purposes for students in general. Although providing your SSN is voluntary, please note that you cannot receive federal financial aid or tax credits without providing a SSN (other forms of Financial Aid are available for students without a SSN).

CCC is required to collect this data in order to comply with federal reporting including IPEDS reporting, student employment, international student status and the granting of federal financial aid. This information ensures we provide the best services to all students. It also helps us to ensure we appropriately serve the needs of our community.

CCC’s Veterans Education and Training (VET) Center uses this information to connect Veterans and their families with services.

If you are an employee or federal aid recipient your designation must match your sex designation with the Social Security office. If you are an international student your designation must match the sex designation on your passport.